Improve corporate culture
Compliance trainings

Initial course
We help your employees to get a basic knowledge about compliance and take a responsibility:
• Compliance
• International Compliance Standards
• Legal regulation of compliance in the Russian Federation
• Place and role of compliance in the corporate governance system
• The difference between "internal control / compliance", "internal audit" and "risk management" in the organization
• Code of Ethicks
• Compliance in corporate culture
• Decision making and gift giving policy
• Preventing conflicts of interest

• Violation reporting policy
• Hotline recomendations
• Practice of building corporate compliance systems
• Internal Corporate Investigation Rules
Practical courses
Raise awareness in specific areas:
• Monitoring compliance with legislation in the area of countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism (AML / CFT)
• Prevent market manipulation
• Review of legislation: general provisions, sanctions regimes
• Discussion of practical cases
Corruption Prevention
• Review of international and Russian legislation
• Practice of application
Data Protection
• Review of legislation: general provisions, new requirements in the Russian Federation
• Comparison of international and local legislation
Why do you choose our company?
High quality
Our experts help you to develop corporate policies which will comply with local and international regulations and best practices
Reliable support
We constantly support our clients providing one time service or an annual subscription for our services of compliance assistant
Individual approach
When conducting training, we always combine theoretical and practical approaches.
Success stories
Our company had an ambitious task to conduct Integrity Dialog - a dialogue on corporate integrity between company management and ordinary employees. The main task is to increase the level of compliance among middle managers. We have succeeded.
Car dealer
Compliance manager
We asked for help in preparing an e-course on preventing corruption. Our requirements were simplicity and illustrative examples. Thank you for your cooperation.
Metallurgical company
Security department
Our employees do not even know the name of our corporate values.
How to change the culture and mentality of people? The result has not yet been achieved, but after receiving the recommendation we are moving in the right direction.
Oil company
Risk manager
We were interested in sanction training. Clear and inexpensive.
International company
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