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List of compliance policies
• Corporate Governance Policy
• Code of Conduct
• Gifts and Entertainments Policy
• Violation reporting Policy
• Conflict of Interest Prevention Policy
• Procedure for due diligence in verifying counterparties
• Sanctions Compliance Policy
• Competition Policy
• Data protection Policy
• Risk management Policy
• Anti-Corruption Policy
Why do you choose our company?
  • High quality
    Our experts help you to develop corporate policies which will comply with local and international regulations and best practices
  • Reliable support
    We constantly support our clients providing one time service or an annual subscription for our services of compliance assistant
  • Individual approach
    We take into account the specifics of the internal processes of the client and each client offers an individual approach that combines with the best industry standards
Success stories
  • Our company shares started to list on London Stock Exchange, which caused the need to comply with FCPA and accounting reporting standards. Your experts helped us to develop the Anti-Corruption Policy and checked all our counterparties to identify different risk categories and prevent corruption risk.
    Recruitment agency
    Project management
  • We sought to develop a code of ethics in line with our corporate standards and company strategy. Our previous values didn't match with our corporate strategy and were hard to understand by ordinary employees. Your experts conducted a survey and based on the results we simplified our values and made them oriented with employee's every day activities.
    Retail company
    HR manager
  • Your company helped to develop the conflict of interest prevention policy. The difficulties which we faced when implementing the project themselves were that we did not have clear examples of conflict of interest and identification signals. We are very thankful for assistance to conduct the training with practical cases and develop the policy based on our these examples.
    Compliance Manager
  • Your experts helped us to adapt our global polices in line with the local data protection regulation and leverage between global standards and specific requirents
    International company
    Corporate director
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