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Consultations and recommendations
• 115 law "On Countering the Legalization of Criminal Proceeds and Financing of Terrorism" AML / FT
• 4 AML European Union Directives
• 273-law "On Combating Corruption"
• FCPA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
• OFAC and European Union sanctions requirements
• 35 law "On Protection of Competition"
• 152 law "About personal data"
• General regulations for the protection of personal data GDPR
• 2 European Union Directive on Financial Instruments Markets - MIFID II
• Draft Federal Law "On Digital Financial Assets"
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  • High quality
    Our experts help you to develop corporate policies which will comply with local and international regulations and best practices
  • Reliable support
    We constantly support our clients providing one time service or an annual subscription for our services of compliance assistant
  • Individual approach
    We take into account the specifics of the internal processes of the client and each client offers an individual approach that combines with the best industry standards
Success stories
  • We asked to develop of operational risk management policies and recommendations for a template of reports for the risk committee. Satisfied with the quality of services.
    Retail company
  • We contacted this company to get a consultation about OFAC 2 Directive. We changed our approach of counter measures for nigh risk suppliers. The quality of report is fine for us.
    Wholsale company
    Internal control manager
  • Initially we asked to develop a sanction policy for us. At the end, we got a policy and a training.
    Compliance Manager
  • We needed to set up KYC procedures from the scratch. Your experts helped us to develop necessary policies and applyied for e-money license.
    Payment startup
    Corporate manager
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